Advanced training - Machine Technician

The official state certification as a machining technician can be obtained extra-occupationally at the Erwin-Teufel-Schule in Spaichingen.

The advanced training offer for the job of machining technician came into being as the result of an initiative by Häring in 2005 which is unique in Germany. It represents a milestone for the machining industry, fulfilling requirements for higher precision, quality, complexity and customer care through better-qualified employees.

It is the optimal alignment to requirements in practice that makes this training course for technicians so attractive. State certified technicians specialising in machining technology are prepared during their training course for the many and varied technological and organisational tasks ahead of them in the machining technology sector.

This extra-occupational advanced training is supported by Häring in Germany and throughout all of its locations.

Although Häring Precision USA is still in the building stages of our factory, the process has begun and the foundation has been laid to offer a similiar program to our US employers.