Individual employee development

Häring supports employees along the way from classic training to the qualifications as an engineer – by means of a individually tailored development plan.

The employees are informed about their possibilities at Häring and trained by means of in-house and external qualification measures. A mentor is there to ensure that these measures correspond to individual requirements and abilities.

Employees have a variety of options here when it comes to qualifying for new or advanced opportunities. These include specific or interdisciplinary advanced training offers.

A few of the development possibilities can be found below:

Trainee programmes for perfect entry into professional disciplines

At Häring, special trainee programmes for students, skilled workers and employees who are either untrained or non-specialist ensure successful integration into vocational practice.

Advanced training for skilled workers to become industry leaders and technicians 

Häring offers ambitious skilled workers the chance to become industry leaders and technicians, thereby qualifying for new tasks within the company.

Extra-occupational advanced training for the job of machining technician

With the profession of machining technician, Häring offers machining mechanics with practical experience the chance to take part in extra-occupational advanced training. The technician qualification specially for machining technology that was co-initiated in 2005 by Häring is highly popular, enabling skilled personnel to look forward to a very interesting future at Häring with a state-recognised qualification.

Study course supported by Häring - Currently only in our Germany location.

Whether study course Plus, dual study or studies parallel to work – whoever wants to study or is already doing so will discover that in this regard, Häring is a partner that can offer them valuable support:

  • Study course together with Häring
  • Promotion of studies in different courses
  • Practical days accompanying studies or practical training courses during study-free time
  • Management of practical projects

Support in many different ways

From all kinds of advanced training, Häring offers its full support in many different ways, including:

  • Grants and financial support during training as a technician or during studies
  • Directly related to practice because of contact with the company
  • Accompaniment and management of project work, bachelor thesis or degree thesis
  • Internships
  • International exchange programmes at the Häring factory sites

Interested to learn more?

This is only a small selection of the individual development possibilities at and with Häring. If your career needs a new direction, you'll find it at Häring.