The history of the company






Foundation of the company Anton Häring, a factory for precision technology, as a one-man business by Anton Häring, who at that time was a 21-year-old trained mechanic and technician. Standard parts (screws, nuts) were manufactured in his parent's barn using two parting-off automatic machines.


First factory hall built.


The move into the newly-built fabrication hall is accompanied by a product change – from standard parts to turned parts from drawings and also a switchover to longitudinal automatic turning machines. The company now has 14 employees.

Apprenticeship work begins and pension and life insurance services are also introduced.


Opening of an extension building to a second hall constructed alongside the first. Major increase of investment in longitudinal automatic turning machines. At this stage the company has 32 employees.


The company now has over 45 employees and more than
60 longitudinal automatic turning machines and parting-off machines.


The first multi-spindle turning machines are purchased.
The company now has 60 employees.


An in-house tool grinding shop is established,
and the machine range is expanded with the addition of indexing table machines.


Today's company headquarters building is constructed and officially opened.
The personnel figures increase to 94.
Expansion of production with the addition of gearing technology.


Expansion of finishing work with machines for ultrafine processing, and production is expanded by the addition of 8-spindle automatic turning machines.


The production halls are extended to cover a total area of 9,500 sq m.
The first CNC turning machine is purchased.
The number of employees has now risen to over 200.


The company builds its own gearing production centre.
Personnel figures rise to 232.


Factory extended (offices and tool production).


Entry into production of all turned parts in the new injection valve (EV6) from Bosch.


Introduction of an MDE system to increase productivity still further.


Production halls extended to cover 11,000 sq m.


Extension to production hall, increasing space to 19,000 sq m, and introduction of an FTS system (driverless transport system).
Commitment to corporate sport with the construction of a tennis court.


The subsidiary Haering Polska is opened in Piotrków, south of Lodz in Poland. Around 70 employees work in production for the markets of the future in the completely new plant, which covers space of 10,000 sq m


Personnel figures at the subsidiary Haering Polska rise to more than 190.


Opening of the Anton Häring Academy for apprenticeship and further training, inside the 3,300 sq m academy building. Conversion work on the multi-spindle and further processing machine production hall, and also on the grinding shop.

The first 18 Chinese employees (6 engineers and 12 skilled workers) begin their apprenticeships in Bubsheim for the future subsidiary Haering Precision, Taicang.


Official opening of the extension building at the Haering Polska subsidiary, providing 25,000 sq m.

Construction work begins on the subsidiary Haering Precision, Taicang, for supplying the Asian market – with production space of 6,000 sq m.


Opening of the Anton Häring canteen in Bubsheim


Official opening of the company Haering Precision in Taicang, China.


Haering Polska celebrates its 10th anniversary. Since its foundation in 2001 the plant in Piotrków-Trybunalski has expanded to 25,000 sq m in size, and has 1,200 employees.


Founded in 1961, the Anton Häring precision technology plant celebrates its 50th anniversary.


Häring announces plans to build a new plant in Lavonia, Georgia.

Georgia Governor Nathan Deal visits Häring in Germany to learn more about the new plant - Haering Precision USA.

Häring - Germany receives its first US trainees for the newly established US rotational training program.


Häring Precision USA building construction begins.