Educational cooperations

Häring cooperates with various schools and types of school and offers interested schoolchildren the opportunity to gain a practical familiarity with technology and the world of work. Students can, for instance, spend 2 to 3 hours a week for half their school year in the attractive training environment of the Häring Academy, working with state-of-the-art technology. The project work takes place on a team basis, but each student produces his or her personal workpiece, which is then presented at the end. An introduction to the techniques of self-presentation and a basic course in rhetoric are of course also included as part of the half-year.

Häring also offers a whole series of further possibilities:

  • Extension of the technology lesson at school in the Häring Academy
  • Practicals in Natural Sciences and Technology
  • Annual practical: 4 days of school + 1 day in the company, throughout the entire school year (instead of a block practical)
  • Additional extracurricular lessons
  • Applicant training courses with schools (extracurricular)
  • Cooperation partner for the youth research program "Jugend forscht"
  • Gymnasien (grammar schools): Solution of problem scenarios

Cooperation with vocational schools

A good education is provided by practice-based cooperation and intensive collaboration with relevant vocational schools, such as the Erwin-Teufel-Schule. The Anton Häring Promotion Prize is, for instance, awarded at the Erwin-Teufel-Schule to the school's best graduates as machine mechanics, industrial mechanics and mechatronics engineers.

Cooperation with universities

Häring offers university students and universities a series of options for getting to know the company and cooperating with it

  • Vacancies for practicals
  • Term papers
  • Factory tours
  • Insights into practical application: Experts on campus, guest lectures

A special cooperation is in place with various dual-system universities as well as with the university campus in Tuttlingen. As an outhouse laboratory, Häring and its topics make it a part of the university campus of Tuttlingen.  

Häring offers the students an exciting platform to implement their practical test, laboratory tasks and experiments directly in the real-life environment of industry. Integrating this philosophy with the university campus of Tuttlingen, teaching and industry and consciously outsourcing lab topics is something to which Häring is highly committed and is happy to support. 

Häring Precision USA has partnered with several local colleges and universities and we are currently establishing a US system cooperation that would allow these successful  opportunities to continue in the US.