The computer room is used for training and further education courses such as CNC programming and how to work with Office documents.
The Foyer serves as a meeting and communication area. Students often complete team exercises here during regular training meetings.
The mechatronics laboratory offers pneumatics, hydraulics, automation and control technologies.
The seminar room is where training material is prepared and special additional qualifications are provided together in theory.
The company's own workshop reveals the full depth and extent of what Anton Haering offer its trainees during the first three to four critical months of training.
The mechanical area is where the very first steps and basics in precision production are learned and mastered.
The modern techniques for grinding tools also need to be mastered if innovative precision components are to be produced.

Shaping the future

 The Academy provides prerequisites for successful apprenticeship and training that are unique in our industry. The objective of the Anton Häring Academy is to offer the best opportunities for successful training and further qualifications. Here is a brief overview of the resources that the Academy provides:


  • Intensive courses for machine operators, machining mechanics, retrainees...
  • Machine-specific further training modules with experts from the relevant machine manufacturer
  • Extra-occupational training course as a machining mechanic
  • Practice-based in-house training courses with industry-specific and/or operationally recognized qualifications

Software and DP

  • Microsoft Office
  • CAD programmes (Solid Works)

Language courses

  • German
  • English

QA courses

  • SPC training
  • FMEA training
  • QA measuring equipment (QAM)
  • Pokajoke training
  • Quality weeks: creating international standards; co-development of quality

Presentation techniques

  • Presentation techniques
  • Rhetoric


  • Work methods and self-organisation
  • Leadership
  • Team building
  • Problem-solving techniques
  • Nonverbal communication